About Us

Liquidata was founded to be a marketplace for data. We wanted it to be cheaper and easier to access data. But we realized that the way data was being stored made it expensive to share, and without an order of magnitude reduction in friction, the market would never be liquid.

Thus, we set about building a data format that makes collaboration a first class citizen, ensuring creators and consumers of data can acquire, query, and update data, without writing any code. The result is Dolt.

Dolt is an open source database with Git-like semantics for version control and collaboration. DoltHub is a product that hosts Dolt repositories, which are collections of tables.

Liqiudata's mission is to make data move more efficiently. Our strategy is to get owners of data to adopt Dolt as a means for storage and sharing. Let us know if we can help.

Meet the Team

We don't mean to brag, but we've done some pretty cool stuff in the past.

  • Tim Sehn

    Founder and CEO

    Ten year Amazon veteran. First Intern to Director in Amazon history. Worked in both Amazon Retail and AWS. First Vice President of Engineering at Snapchat. Grew the core engineering team from 10 to 1,050 over 4 years. Relentlessly executed, positioning Snapchat as the most innovative company in social.

  • Brian Hendriks


    Software developer with 20 years experience. Studied computer science at UCLA before working on console games for a decade. In 2011, was an early employee and Director of Burstly, a company acquired by Apple. Joined Snap in 2013. At Snap, acted as lead for all of monetization engineering. Led the development of the Discover and ad platforms. Served as the technical advisor to the VP of monetization.

  • Aaron Son


    Software developer with 13 years of experience, focusing on service oriented architectures and efficient large scale data systems. Over 8 years at Amazon, worked on backend infrastructure, customer identity data systems, and as the technical lead for retail website availability. Over 4 years at Snap, Inc., worked as technical lead for messaging infrastructure, technical lead for Snap's first self-service advertising products, technical lead for Snap's first customer-facing service deployments on IaaS, and technical advisor to the VP of engineering.

  • Matt Jesuele

    Software Engineer

    Software developer who grew up tinkering with code. 10 years of experience building web applications, user interfaces, chatbots, and financial systems. Built a cryptocurrency trading platform with six figure monthly revenue. Has run startups, a web development studio, and a boutique international tutoring practice.

  • Daylon Wilkins

    Software Engineer

    Software developer with a true passion for problem-solving. Has a diverse set of experience including audio processing, analytics, real-time data processing, site reliability systems, USB drivers, and much more. Assisted in writing an order management system that handles millions in revenue annually. Lives by the belief that "impossible" is simply another way to say that it has yet to be done.

  • Katie McCulloch

    Software Engineer

    Studied applied mathematics at UCSB with an emphasis in dynamical systems and Sinai, Ruelle, and Bowen (SRB) measures. Spent 3 years as an analyst and client engagement manager at MediaMath Demand Side Platform (DSP). Focused on growing ride share, entertainment, and business-to-business clients through analysis of cross-device identity graphs, designing and implementing incrementality testing and building bulk Ad Operations tools. Recently completed Hack Reactor’s immersive software engineering training program. Passionate problem solver who loves to bring positive impact through code.

  • Zach Musgrave

    Software Engineer

    Software engineer with 14 years experience, focusing on distributed systems and development tools. Over 8 years at Amazon, built web services for builder tools, architected Amazon's continuous deployment system, and wrote Java and Eclipse client tooling for AWS. Over 5 years at Google, led the platform services team for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) billing, launching GCP's free trial and promotional coupon features, modernizing the service architecture, and on-boarding new businesses onto cloud.

  • Taylor Bantle

    Software Engineer

    Software engineer with a passion for bringing innovative startups to fruition. Spent over two years launching and growing the Los Angeles car sharing market for General Motors and one year as the first marketing manager at an online fitness startup. Graduated from Brown University and recently completed Hack Reactor’s software engineering immersive program.

  • Oscar Batori

    Operations Lead

    Focused on operations, specifically product and sales, with a background in software development. Most recently led the research engineering team at BlueMountain Capital Management for systematic strategies, developing tools for the quantitative research group. Prior to BlueMountain, built data science tools and infrastructure for eliminating ad fraud at AppNexus. Started career in financial modeling group at BlackRock, working on building infrastructure to the support the quantitative mortgage research effort, where the team was an early adopter of open source big data tools.

  • Dustin Brown

    Software Engineer

    Coffee-powered software engineer who’s passionate about finding robust, creative solutions to challenging problems. Spent 7 years working in acute psychiatric hospitals leading emergency response teams. Completed 3 month software engineering internship at a startup under former SpaceX and Invia engineer building dynamic security features into their platform. Graduated from UCLA and recently completed Hack Reactor’s immersive software engineering program.

  • Andy Arthur

    Software Engineer

    Software engineer with 5 years of experience in research and tech. Most recently worked at Gaudio, a spatial audio startup, building mixed reality applications. Started career at Edammo Inc, building a financial time series analysis platform. Passionate about creating knowledge from data. Always searching for the next paradigm shift in technology.